Project Description

Innovations Mini Teach: Project Overview


Description: You will partner with other students (university and elementary) to become an expert in one innovative technology, then design a 15 minute group teaching experience using the assigned technology where you and your group members are the teachers, and your classmates are the students (you get to determine the specific grade). This demonstration should be hands-on if at all possible for your classmates. Two Innovative Mini-Teach experiences will take place each class meeting. Your instructor will coordinate presentation dates.


Rationale: Innovative teachers shift between the roles of teacher, learner, group member, contributor, and mentor as needed in the common pursuit of professional development and school improvement. This is especially relevant to the adoption of new technology tools. This assignment will be very dependent upon collaboration and promises to acquaint you with new and evolving technologies, and to help you better understand how technology can be integrated to improve student learning. The archived knowledge from all groups will be housed in this class wiki, which will no doubt contribute to your growing collection of teaching materials.


Purpose of Assignment:

•    To acquire a range of understanding about a variety of innovative technologies, including web 2.0 applications and videoconferenceing tools

•    To collaboratively learn “inside-and-out” one innovative technology and its possible classroom applications

•    To practice designing and delivering instruction that integrates technology

•    To collect usable resources for future class assignments and possible use as a teacher (via the class wiki)


Standards: This assignment addresses these standards:

Arizona Professional Teaching Standards (APTS):

1.1, 1.4, 1.7

3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 3.10, 3.11



National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers (NETS-T):

1a, 1b, 1d

2a, 2b




Collaborative Requirement: Each group member will receive an individual grade based on this project.  EQUAL contribution is expected of all group members to both the planning and presentation process.   Minor hiccups in group functions are expected, as with any social endeavor; but should persistent problems inhibit performance, professionalism is expected. If you have attempted, but cannot handle problems within the group, please be proactive and ask for instructor assistance.  In most cases, if it is not too late, I can mediate, and will be happy to do so.  Any students with unprofessional behavior will be handled appropriately. This includes any student who overcompensates as well as any student who does not follow through with their commitments.


It is my belief that all teachers should be open and willing to work collaboratively with each other. I also understand that collaboration skills are developed over time and with practice. I expect there to be issues to iron out, and that all group members will commit to working through the kinks. For groups that have chronic problems to the point where time is wasted or feelings are in jeopardy, I offer my assistance as a mentor and coach. Just email me. All communications will be confidential.


Steps Leading to a Successful Project

  1. TOPICS: Your instructor will assign groups, presentation topics, and presentation dates based on student experience and interest.
  2. PLAN TO PLAN: Complete a Group Contract. The contract must be consensus of all group members and be approved by your instructor. It is expected that group members will make frequent communication a priority to minimize misunderstandings.


Do not read to the audience from the wiki. Use good presentation skills: eye contact, interaction, visuals, roaming the room, etc.

PRESENTATION DAY: Facilitate your Innovation Mini-Teach on your assigned date. Come to class early to set up. Be ready to start promptly at the beginning of class. Normally the Innovations presentations will be first on the agenda. You will be expected to call the class to attention, start on time, and end on time. You will only have 15 minutes.


  1. INSTRUCTOR EVALUATION: On the day of your presentation, your instructor will evaluate your presentation wiki content using the Innovations Rubric.


6.    PERSONAL LEARNING OPPORTUNITY: Within a week or so after your presentation, complete the Personal Learning Opportunity process (PLO).