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Based on the work of:

Eryn Hill

Stacia Snow


What is a VoiceThread?

Voice thread is a collaborative multimedia slideshow that holds images, documents, and videos. It allows for people to comment in five different ways using voice (mic or phone), text, audio file, or video (via a webcam).



What is the K-12 Educator within VoiceThread?

K-12 Educator is a network for students and educators in grades K-12. The educator has one account and adds his/her students. All content on the educator's account can only be accessed by the educator and his/her students. All information is private; only the educator can control the comments/content of the VoiceThread and make it public. Within K-12 Educator the students can collaborate with each other and the educator can collaborate with his/her students. 




 Create your VoiceThread with these 3 easy steps:


1. Create: Add your images, documents, or videos to your VoiceThread by either accessing the items from My Computer, URL, and/or Media Sources.


2. Comment: You can comment your images by using webcam, audio (phone or mic), text, and doodle.


3. Share: You can share your VoiceThread with others using email, or sending it to websites on the internet (Yahoo, blogger, freewebs, facebook, myspace etc). 




Teacher Uses:


  • Post lectures
  • Book reports
  • Poems
  • Essays
  • Verbal quizzes
  • Verbal tests
  • Show and tell
  • Powerpoints
  • Class discussion board
  • All can be used in audio format.



Student Uses:

Language Arts Example: http://voicethread.com/library/41/

Science Example: http://voicethread.com/library/21/ 


  • Those noted in Teacher Uses
  • Completing assignments
  • Increases their sense of being part of a community
  • Improves the sense that the instructor is present in their learning experience.
  • Commenting *text, audio, phone-audio, video*
  • Lectures for missed classes
  • Class discussion board
  • Collaboration 




  • Give clear instruction to your students about how to use VoiceThread.
  • Explain to your students WHY you are having them use the VoiceThread for a particular assignment and how it will benefit his/her learning.
  • As the teacher, demonstrate that you know what you are doing on the Voicethread. Be a confident instructional leader.  



Articles on the Innovation


http://www.voicethread4education.wikispaces.com/  --A voicethread wiki with a comprehensive collection of VoiceThread examples from students and teachers of all ages and groups.  The purpose of this wiki is to gather examples of how educators are using VoiceThread in their classrooms (or for professional development) and to share those examples.


http://www.educause.edu/ELI/7ThingsYouShouldKnowAboutVoice/173329  --An empirical article informing you about seven things you should know about voicethread including: What it is; Who's doing it; How does it work; Why is it significant; Where is it going; What are the implications for teaching and learning; and lastly, What are the downsides?



Resources for Future Learning 







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