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Description: Toon doo is a website that is a fun and creative way to use ones imagination to create books and comics. The website allows users to create " toon books" where they can post them on the web to share with others. Toonbooks can range anywhere from a personal collection of someone's favorite photographs to a full fledged written story. The term toon doo is reffering to a person who creates toon books. When creating a toon book, you can make it as in depth as you want through the use of the various options that are available.  As teachers toondoo is a great place for students to work collaboratively to use images and text to create a story using their imagination.  Toondoo even has a space where teachers can make a group page for their class and make it private for only the class to have access to.


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Tips for Teachers: Teachers can use ToonDoo as a means of a fun and creative way for students to express their stories, make a comic strip to go along with class readings, and much more…  Students can either choose to do a few panels to their cartoon or they can make a comic book.  Students can also view other classmate’s cartoons and comment back and fourth.  Teachers can even use ToonDoo to create an example comic strip or a comic book.  It’s a great website for visual learners to use.



Teachers can also sign up for ToonDoo Spaces:

  • Have additional educational clipart
  • Multi-user registration that doesn’t require email registration (for little ones)
  • Teachers can monitor and moderate all the students’ content and activity
  • Only students you given excess to will be able to excess the ToonDoo Space
  • Students can flag other students work, if it is inappropriate
  • Students can embed or connect ToonDoo with just about any network (facebook, myspace, twiter…)
  • Teachers can customize their ToonDoo Space’s title and their home page
  • Teachers can add additional clip art for students to use
  • Teachers can remove the social feature of ToonDoo if they don’t want student to have to capability to flag other student work



Made own cartoon that shows the beginning/setting, middle/conflict between tow characters & dialogue, end/resolution:










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