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Vuvox Collage

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Vuvox Collage






According to its creators, Vovox Collage is "an easy to use production and instant sharing service that allows you to mix, create and blend your personal media – video, photos and music into rich personal expressions. Whether you're a photojournalist, photoblogger, or a student who wants to share your world."


Vuvox is a useful tool that helps to combine your digital media into a unique presentation that has a variety of uses in and outside of the classroom.


Classroom Uses:

Vuvox can easily be incorporated into the classroom!

Students can:

     -Use Vuvox to create visually appealing presentations that are much more fun than using PowerPoint.

     -Use Vuvox to create some very cool time lines (such as in a history class).

     -Vuvox can be used to create very a personal "get to know you activity" because students can upload pictures of themselves, and also write about their favorite things, hobbies etc...




Tutorials / Help: 





Courtesy of sisleyblinn.wordpress.com


Tips for Teachers:

     -Using Vuvox often involves doing a lot of Google image searches for media to put in the collage.  It is important that teachers understand that students can sometimes get to inappropriate websites from these searches. However, we have not found any inappropriate collages on Vuvox. 

     -The website is very easy to learn and get started, but students do need to sign up (free) using an email account.

     -It is difficult to find a specific collage, so students should either email the teacher the link, or present the collage in class.




Vuvox is, undoubtedly, an amazing online tool.  It helps students to use higher order thinking because they are required to evaluate information while creating a presentation.  It is also wonderful for multiple intelligences because you can create a collage with music, text, video, and artistic stimulation.


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