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Create-a-Graph: Amanda and Amber

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Create A Graph is a website that allows students to record their data in digital graphs. With five different graphs to choose from, students can create their own detailed graphs without ever having to pick up a pencil. Once the graph is done, students are able to print or download/save their graph, all without having to register with the site. Whether it's for a math assignment or just recording random data, create a graph is a great resource for students in fourth grade and up. 


Classroom Uses:

There are many classroom uses that this website can be used for which include:

Making graphs as lessons on different types of graphs

Tracking students' reading goals (accelerated reading)

Student's keeping track of different class data (ex. number of days students missed)

Presentations which include data

And many other uses



Create A Graph Tutorial:



The Create A Graph website also has tabs where you are able to view examples of other graphs as well as help on how to use the site. This is located on the same page you are making your graph on for easier access. 


Tips for Teachers:


  • Create A Graph may be a little too tough for students below fourth grade. 
  • Be sure to show your students how to properly use create a graph and show them the different

         options they have as well as exactly what they are. 

  • Using create a graph is a great way to get students involved in learning.
  • Students are able to create their own graphs with their own data and print them out for future use.
  • If you have your students use create a graph, you will always have clean, clear and great looking graphs which will make it easier for you to read. 
  • There are not many resources available for how to use this website, so the best way to learn is to just experiment and play with it  






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