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Voki can be used by a vast range of children from second grade to high school. Students should use this site to help motivate them in participating, nourish their creativity, improve message comprehension, improves academic, and it has effective language learning. This site is very easy to follow and use. There are no advertisements and the service is free.  The way to use this is by creating an account and then to create your own avatar character. When you are finished creating your avatar, choose to write a comment or record your voice. There are different voice tones to choose from and different languages.  This is beneficial because students can show their creativity and learn through different strategies, rather then through boring in class assignments using the text book, for example. Voki will help students with their understanding, writing, and reading.


Classroom uses:








Tips for teachers:

  • Teachers can use this site for language skills to help students writing proficiency and reading.
  • There are different languages provided on the site, so this can help in a foreign language classroom
  • Help build student’s communication skills
  • Adds different learning strategies to the class
  • Engages students in activities
  • Coming soon to Voki is a lesson plan base for teachers
  • FREE!


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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=psV6npvodoQ  YouTube video URL



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